Screen_Shot_2016-05-05_at_8.12.34_PMEvery so often in our community we meet people who are struggling to make ends meet and are most definitely in need of assistance to improve their standard of living. In an effort to offer a helping hand to these individuals, members of the Orange Walk Police Formation along with the leaders of the Pasadita Area Neighbourhood Watch Group took the initiative this morning to visit a mother of three in order to present her with a basket of supplies.

Corporal Isidro Yam – Orange Walk Police Formation

“It’s a pleasure for me as an officer representing the Belize Police Department to come here and to give a small token to Mrs. Sarita who is a very needy person in this community and also we are working with the Pasadita Neighbourhood Watch Group which is headed by Mr. Mandy Valdez and so what is happening is that this is a constant meet and greet and also a selection of different people from different communities that the neighbourhood watch along with the police select to assist them with a little basket of food to show them our appreciation and care that we have for them.”

As expected, the recipient of the hamper was more than appreciative for the gesture.

Sarita Reyes

“I really appreciate that because Jesus sends that for me so thank to the police that I needed some food to safe me and to get me better, this is going to help my three kids and my baby and my two daughters at Solomon School and I appreciate that food that Jesus gave that to me.”

Apart from assisting the needy, the primary goal of the neighbourhood watch group is to bring members of the community in unison so as to create harmony within the environment.

Angela Chable – Supervisor, Pasadita Neighbourhood Watch Group

“We are working with the police and we are the Neighbourhood Watch and the Supervisor of this group and Mr. Mandy is the head of it right.  We are trying to put the youths of our community together with the police and us the Neighbourhood Watch.”

The Orange Walk Police Formation has decided to target a number of communities with the aim of organizing a number of activities that seeks to involve all Orange Walkenos.

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