DeanAnd GOB did adhere to the PUP’s demands…..well….at least when it comes to the request for an immediate response.

Before one this afternoon fired off a release where they are rejecting the PUP’s demand for the immediate rescission of the Sarstoon Prohibition Regulation. While the Sarstoon Law remains in vigor, GOB does state in their release that all non-political, legitimate Belizean civilian traffic into the restricted area will immediately be given lawful authority, under the Regulation, to proceed. But there is a requirement and that is for Belizeans to check in at the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base so that the military can confirm the legitimate nature of their use of the river.

So why the change of heart? GOB explains that at the time the law was passed Government gave two rationales for the Regulation. The second being to allow an opportunity for Belizean diplomacy to work and since that has been obtained, as GOB expects formal bilateral negotiations to start shortly they decided to basically soften up and open the Sarstoon to Belizeans who do not have a political agenda.

As the end of the release GOB makes clear that while there will be no immediate rescission of the Regulation, they do reserve the right to repeal it before it expires if no sufficient further progress is made with the bilateral Belize/Guatemala diplomatic engagement.

GOB notes that the BDF not only remains permanently at the Sarstoon FOB, but continues to go upriver to effectuate the rotation at Cadenas.

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