sarstoonIn their release issued this afternoon responding to the PUP’s demand to rescind the Public Safety Act regulations introduced on Friday, April 29th, GOB makes mention that they are of the opinion that the military tensions regarding the Sarstoon are no longer as explosive as they were when the Sarstoon law was passed. But have tensions really de-escalated? We question that statement especially after reading a report issued by La Prensa Libre of Guatemala. The newspaper reports that immediately after receiving word that Non-governmental organizations from Belize were planning to visit the Sarstoon this past Sunday with the intention of installing a flag on the Sarstoon Island, members of the Guatemalan Navy, and soldiers were deployed to the area. Similarly, employees of the Directorate General of Migration and Tax Administration arrived at the area to check on the visitor’s relevant documentation for their immigration status. At the end the report states that the Navy received word that the NGO’s would no longer carry out the trip to the Sarstoon out of respect for the Sarstoon Law imposed by GOB for one month but organize differently to accomplish its mission.

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