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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

The People’s United Party is not the only one that wants the Sarstoon law to be revoked……so does the Belize National Teachers Union. Following a heated discussion, the BNTU’s council of management agreed to scrap its annual Teachers' Day celebrations and replaced it with a rally as part of its ongoing "Stand up for Belize" campaign in Belize City.


Screen_Shot_2016-05-09_at_8.03.29_PMLuke Palacio – President of BNTU


“The Belize National Teachers Union and its council of management meeting held out on Saturday decided that instead of celebrating our teacher’s day in the manner that we had originally planned we are going to continue the stand up for Belize  campaign with a rally here in Belize City on Friday march 13th. Our council has agreed that this time instead of celebrating teachers day the way we usually do, and let me make it absolutely clear, the discussion was lengthy and heated because a number of our branches had already had plans as to what they would have been doing for teachers day but none the less they have agreed by the majority to come to Belize City for this rally that we intent to have on Friday.”    


The Union also called for the S.I. on restrictions of travel in the Sarstoon to be rescinded immediately as it is uunconstitutional and restrictive to freedom of movement. If the law is not annulled, the Union will meet again to stake out its next course of action.


Luke Palacio – President of BNTU


“We intent to operate through the streets of Belize City and then we will be having addresses where we will have to collaborate or get permission if you will from the authorities particularly the City Council, the traffic department, if we are to use any public space but failing that we have our private property here at BNTU and we will do it here if it comes to the test, we also need to sensitize our Belizean people along with the members and teachers of this country, members of the Union and teachers of this country about the matter of the ICJ, the ICJ has become a political football, the ICJ issue has Belizeans confused and we don’t really know what will be the outcome, of course there are some tale tell signs but that is as far as it goes and so the BNTU has agreed to launch a nationwide campaign or an education forum in all six districts of Belize beginning next week.”     


The BNTU is also planning a series of education forums for its members to discuss the issue of whether or not the long standing territorial dispute should be resolved by the ICJ.


Luke Palacio – President of BNTU


“Our intention of course is to also try and get the government to rescind immediately the SI that speaks to the public safety Act, we believe very strongly after much discussion that that law that was passed in unconstitutional and it really deprives Belizean people; man, woman and child from moving around this country as freely as they are entitled to and therefore the call goes out and we heard other organizations, other bodies to insist to this government to rescind the SI of course if it is not done then our council will have to reengage and determine what other course of action shall we take.”   


The rally, preceded by a parade, takes place in Belize City on Friday, May 13th. An actual venue is to be determined.

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