In last night’s newscast we told how the Belize National Teachers Union council of management agreed during a meeting on Saturday to replace its annual Teachers' Day celebrations with a rally in Belize City, as part of their ongoing "Stand up for Belize" campaign. During the meeting the union also called on GOB to remove the S.I. that restricts travel in the Sarstoon. Today we spoke to president of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz, who explained the importance for all teachers to come out and join the stand against the implementation of the Sarstoon Law.


Screen_Shot_2016-05-10_at_8.07.59_PMOtilio Munoz- President- BNTU Orange Walk

“We agreed that we are going to be celebrating teachers day different and it is not going to be again in their respective places that all the branches had already planned, we are going to be taking it to Belize City but at the same time we want to do a rally, a demonstration rally because we believe that the Union is in the position that we don’t believe with the SI that the Government of Belize has come out with and if the SI has been sent and that SI was sent for the people that really wanted to go to the Sarstoon expedition, what about if the government decide we want to have the Union out of this thing and them trying to mess out the negotiations so we going to send out an SI as to that to the Unions that you cannot be participating in anything of rally and demonstration so we believe that this is the time that we can show to the government that we are serious that that SI needs to be remove that is one and two that we are sending a message on our own day, on teacher’s day, as educators of this country we are standing up.”

According to Munoz, the abrupt change of plans did not sit too well with many teachers here in the north but he reiterated that even though he understands their concern, he considers that this is an issue of national importance and as educators all teachers should show their support and patriotism to Belize and attend Friday’s rally.


Otilio Munoz- President- BNTU Orange Walk

“I have been receiving calls from principals and teachers their concern as to why that sudden move, I can understand them, I don’t want to say well I do not understand them but at the end of the day we have other issues, all I am asking to the teachers get out there and rally with us, demonstrate and send a message, as an educator I would like to say put politics aside, politicians they have their day, they will always be politicians and they would be more happy than us the voters, at the end of the day it is a national issue and I would like to commend teachers, because I saw CTV3News on this school that was having a debate on going to the ICJ or not, my respect to those teachers because that is what we need we need to educate our teachers and I think it is important for them to come out and at the same time celebrate we are not stopping the celebration and another thing let the teachers ask themselves and look at themselves as teachers going in front of a class and telling the children you need to stand for your country, you need to defend your country and now imagine you are stepping back and don’t want to be part of it you look at the other extend where you are saying well.”

Teachers are advised that buses will be leaving from the Orange Walk Town Hall at 6:30 on Friday morning. The rally will be held through the principal streets of Belize City and will be followed by a live concert at the BNTU Headquarters in Belize City where food and beverages will be provided.

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