There is no doubt the P.M can talk the talk…but can he walk the walk? We ask because despite diplomatic discussions and the intervention of the OAS who has asked that both countries maintain the peace and to adopt a cooperation mechanism as soon as possible to normalize the situation in the Sarstoon River so that both the peoples and governments of Belize and Guatemala can refocus on strengthening their good neighborly relations…tension only grows as the Guatemalan Government continues to boost the presence of military vessels inside the Sarstoon River. All of this occurs while the Belize Government has prohibited Belizeans, and groups such as the Belize Territorial Volunteers, from going to the Sarstoon in fear that it would "provoke" the Guatemalan military. For this reason says PM Barrow…the S.I must stand.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-11_at_7.55.45_PMRt. Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“To my mind that should make clearer why I felt that the SI, the regulation was necessary it is one thing when our military encounters the Guatemalan military in the sort of climate that is there especially when they are in fact doing these maneuvers and obviously giving the impression that they are spoiling for a fight when civilians are involved, it is difficult enough for the military to take care of itself without having to worry about civilians so that certainly in my mind helps to make the case for the regulation that we passed.”

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