Screen_Shot_2016-05-16_at_8.34.42_PMYesterday the Zenobia Meggs Help Age Center, in partnership with the Orange Walk Central Committee, hosted their yearly Mother’s Day Program at the Help Age Center located on Stadium Street.

The event began at midday and included a lunch for the elderly which was followed by a number of presentations from high school students each prepared especially for mom.

Arcelia Leiva – Head of the Zenobia Meggs Help Age Center

“Today we are celebrating mother and fathers on the occasion of mothers and father’s day, we host about a hundred persons to each activity that we have but we do give service to about a hundred and sixty six persons because some whom we had served who used to come to our activities they are sick and they can no longer can attend our activities but we still keep them in our programs and we give them visits.”

And while the main objective behind yesterday’s event was to include the senior citizens in modern day activities, the Orange Walk Central Committee played an essential role in organizing the event as they also involved the younger generation to assist with the program.

Ted Peralta – Head of the Orange Walk Central Committee

“We are trying to make the elderly be part of the community and not to be excluded out of the community but part of the community and the next thing is that we want all the young people who can try to come and incorporated in this Helpage so that this could be something that you could you know to share the young and the old because one of these days you will get old so I think by having the young and the old together like right now we have some people working with us the young and we show them how we have to appreciate the older folks, they have given us all what they had all these years and I think it is by time now that the younger generation start give it out to them back and enjoy the last days.”

Members of the Zenobia Meggs Help Age Center participate in monthly activities organized by the center. These include monthly checkups to monitor he conditions the members are in.

Arcelia Leiva – Head of the Zenobia Meggs Help Age Center

“Every two months we have clinics at the hospital, like this month on the 26th of May we should have a clinic at the Orange Walk Hospital to which we are inviting the elderly to go and to do their checkups because we are interested for them in maintaining a good healthy life.”

According to organizers the program would not have been successful without the generous assistance from sponsors.

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