Screen_Shot_2016-05-16_at_8.34.53_PMCarmelita Government School is celebrating their first Drug Awareness Week under the theme “Drugs are rough, drugs are tough, by saying no, that’s enough”.

The event kicked off today and is being celebrated with the intention of raising drug awareness and to educate students about the detrimental effects that come along with drug consumption.

With a torch run that began here in town at 8:00 in the morning in front of the National Drug Abuse Control Council office located on Main Street the institution official began their fight against drugs.

Dario Vasquez – Vice-Principal, Carmelita Government School

“We were fortunate enough to acquire some funds through the Ministry of Health to organize activities to bring awareness to our students about the harmful effects of drugs, this morning we started with a torch run from NDACC office to our school which is symbolic of our fight against drugs and it is important that students become aware of this harmful effects in their environment. This year our theme is, Drugs are rough, drugs are tough, by saying no, and that’s enough that is a theme that was created by two of our students and we made it on the form of a competition and that theme was the one selected as appropriate one for these activities.”

Shortly after this morning’s ceremony, the students signed a pledge committing themselves to desist from consuming any type of drug that is harmful to their health.

Dario Vasquez – Vice-Principal, Carmelita Government School

“Our main message is to stay away from drugs, I am confidents that none of them has tried drugs as yet and we want to encourage them to continue being that way and never to try it and never to experiment with it.  Students committed themselves the sign of pledge to live a life free of rugs and to stay away from drugs at all times, we are hopeful that they will fulfill their commitment and we also encourage parents to support us in this task in keeping students away from drugs.”

The week is filled with many activities including presentations from both the NDACC and the Orange Walk Police Formation. The event will conclude on Thursday May 19th with a health fair that will be held on the school’s campus. Carmelita Government School is also the first primary school to celebrate drug awareness week.

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