Here in Belize as well as Guatemala, the Territorial Dispute that come along with the incursions at the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the aggression lived at the Sarstoon continues to make headlines. But while there are those across the Western Border that believe that Guatemala has a right to claim portions of Belize, others think differently as in the case of Guatemalan Archbishop Oscar Vian.

The Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, today issued a report where Archbishop Vian speaks out about the Belize/ Guatemala territorial dispute saying that it should have been resolved over 40 years ago and that it is now only being used to divert attention from the daily problems that Guatemala faces. Here is that report.


Archbishop Vian made a Call to Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales to strengthen dialogue with Congress and other Guatemalan Executives Law and Political Parties to decide what is best for their country regarding the dispute.


The report ends with the Archbishop condemning any threats and reprimands Guatemala for resorting to threats instead of dialogue. According to him, those actions are reprehensible and only take us back to the early years of killing people for a discussion to end.

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