pupAs you heard Plette alleges that he was taken off Belizean soil and forcibly moved into Guatemalan territory by elements of the military and civilians, some armed with guns and others with machetes and then tied up and threatened.

Plette’s story is cause of concern for many Belizeans and the People’s United Party who believe that immediate and decisive action from the proper and pertinent authorities should be taken.

In a release issue today by the party states that “any incident that happens at and in close vicinity to the border anywhere along the Adjacency Zone must be treated with sensitivity and handled meticulously.”

But as you might already know the case is apparently not being investigated. We come to that conclusion since five days have passed since the alleged incident and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to speak on the issue.

The PUP calls on the Government and all its pertinent bodies to investigate the allegation and to take all necessary diplomatic actions for a full investigation to proceed.

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