Hands across the Sand across the Land was also commemorated in Corozal on Saturday. According to OCEANA’s Field Representative for Corozal, Ryan Rivero, the activity showed that there are still Belizeans who care about the environment.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-24_at_8.24.22_PMRyan Rivero

“The purpose of the event, Hands Across the Sand, is to show solidarity in the efforts being carried by Oceana and other organizations to keep oceans health and our reef healthy, in fact our entire environment healthy, this was done nationally and internationally in countries that are supportive of this initiative, it just entails people that come out holding hands for a period of fifteen minutes to show that they are in support of what we are fighting for right particularly free from offshore oil exploration and that is the support and participation that we are looking for people to want and to help us work in any way possible.”

And although few were those who attended the event what is important is the message that was sent, says Rivero.

Ryan Rivero

“To my perspective it was successful because (1) we had participation (2) we got coverage from the media so this will show up on the news and even if people weren’t here they would know that it happened and that others that are supportive, because I know some people might be fearful of coming out due to victimization and we are aware of that so but knowing that we have people that are out here willing to put their faces out here saying that we are in support of Oceana, we are in support of your work to me that is a work of success.”


“Nothing compares to home wow we live in such a beautiful Belize, we have one of the most beautiful Barrier Reefs, our natural resources are so rich and abundant and for us to come here and show our support and say we love what Belize has and we want to take care of it, that is something big and it is something that all of us collectively should be doing so that we can take care of what Belize has because this is a jewel and it doesn’t compare honestly to anywhere else what we have is so beautiful. I’ve seen that Belize has a lot to offer to everyone, not many people knows what damages is done unconsciously to the Barrier Reef pertaining to the entire sea, we just take it for granted but in reality we have something to value and we shouldn’t actually take it for granted so let’s takes care of Belize and lets love our Belize.”

Screen_Shot_2016-05-24_at_8.24.34_PMSince participation was minimal in some districts, extra efforts will be put in place to attract more Belizeans next year.

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