Screen_Shot_2016-05-26_at_7.53.40_PMAccess to reliable, up-to-date computer technology has become increasingly important in classrooms across our country yet not all of our primary schools have the finance to provide computer access for their students.

Seeing the need for more computers in classrooms across the Corozal District, the Corozal Rotary Club and the Virginia U.S.A Rotary Club, are currently donating computers to various schools. One of the lucky recipients was Santa Rita Assemblies of God Primary School, and according to Principal Jesus Catzim, the donation will make a substantial difference for the learning environment.

Jesus Catzim Principal Assemblies of God Primary School

“I am very happy for the Rotarians to bring the computers for our school and definitely we are going to have our students use them, we will probably include some lessons so that we can have a group of them come and give them lessons so now we have these other computers, definitely they will use them more on doing their research after classes they use them but since we only had three of them it took them longer but now we have five more it will definitely be more beneficial to them.”

So far 200 hundred computers have been distributed in approximately 35 schools within the Corozal District. And while that is an achievement, the best feeling is being able to witness the enthusiasm of the children.

Ken Tillman Rotary Club Virginia USA

“We were very pleased that we were able to participate in bringing the computers to this school, nearly two hundred computers have been delivered which is phenomenal that has been distributed to different schools, our Rotary Club in Virginia was able to help support shipping the computers here and so we came over to see that they be delivered to different schools, it’s been great to see the enthusiasm of students and we hope that they thoroughly enjoy having this experience to be able to use them.”

But the work for the group does not stop with the distribution of computers; next in line is the construction of new lavatories.

William Hunt Rotary Club

“We send about 35 of the Primary schools in the Corozal District so far and we have computers for about two or three more and we also working on a program to provide some new toilet facilities for schools in the Corozal District.”

Rotary International and Rotary Corozal will continue to render assistance to the Corozal District in various areas as long as it is in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace.

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