Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_2.58.19_PMAfter the conclusion of the meetings between Belize and Guatemala in Istanbul to discuss a protocol for the Sarstoon, the Government of Belize issued a press release highlighting the discussions that took place in those meetings. In that release GOB makes mention that the Foreign Ministers of both Belize and Guatemala expressed that the existing Territorial, Insular and Maritime differendum should be resolved by the International Court of Justice, once approved by the required referenda.

Today the Belize Progressive Party issued a release where they condemn what they describe as GOB’s false, singular narrative that going to the ICJ is the only way to address Guatemala’s unfounded claim. In their release the BPP calls on Belizeans both at home and abroad to take action against the increasing aggression by the Guatemalans, which has disrupted the peace between the two nations, coupled with GOB’s willful negligence.

The BPP reiterates their position that the dispute should not be taken to the ICJ but instead the matter should be taken to the UN Security Council under Article 39 of the UN Charter.  Article 39 reads, “The Security Council” shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

The BPP also states that Belizeans should also use the opportunity to take advantage of the UN General Assembly Resolution 35/20 of 11 November 1980 titled “Question of Belize”. At clause 7 it reads, “Requests the relevant ORGANS of the UNITED NATIONS to take such actions as may be appropriate and as may be requested by the administering Power and the Government of Belize in order to facilitate the attainment of Independence by Belize and to GUARANTEE its SECURITY and TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY THEREAFTER;”

According to the BPP, this course of action is imperative, since our elected officials have shown not only their ineptitude, but of even graver concern, their unwillingness to re-calibrate their FAILED policy on Guatemala. They also call on the Belizean people to join in their movement stating and we Quote “Once GOB fails to comply with this recommendation, within 30 days, via the support of the people and beyond the ambit of the government, we call on every Belizean and true friend of Belize, to support this effort. In particular, we extend this invitation to civil society entities of all manners” end quote  

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