The National Institution of Culture and History (NICH) is known for safeguarding our country’s culture through many strategic activities.

In Corozal…the Corozal House of Culture along with NICH ensure that Corozal’s cultural is kept alive through community outreach by featuring different historical pieces that in one way or the other have a cultural influence on the community. Currently one piece that is currently being highlighted is a more then 60 year old painting done by Mexican Artist Manuel Villamor in the Corozal Community Hospital. Although the painting has maintained its original colour, NICH will properly seal and preserve the work of art because of its beauty and historical background.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-31_at_2.10.38_PMDebra Wilks – Corozal House of Culture

“The Corozal House of Culture as part of our community outreach projects that we do here at the community, we are up at the Corozal community Hospital, we are going to be protecting sealing Manuel Villamor’s Historical Medical Mural, we are here to clean it and preserve it as part of NICHE’s mandate protecting our tangible and intangible heritage and very much retained its original color and it is just a beautiful piece so again we are here to preserve it.”

The Medical Mural is the second wall painting that Villamor worked on. The first that made him famous in Belize is the iconic Caste War Mural at the Corozal Town Council.

Debra Wilks – Corozal House of Culture

“This piece is tangible; it is beautiful it is something that Mr. Villamor painted back in the 1950’s, it think most people is aware of his iconic mural at Corozal Town Hall so this is another mural that he has done in Corozal and I believe that most people are not aware that this mural was done by Manuel Villamor so it is significant historically and medically so we are here to help preserve it.”

The Medical Mural should be fully retouched and sealed before the 15th of June.

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