Back in 2012 the Ministry of Education signed a statutory instrument to enforce, discussed key policies and objectives in the education and training sector that could affect teachers with provisional teaching license across Belize.

The ministry requested that all teachers with provisional license, further their studies and apply for a full teacher’s license since the new implementation would not allow for renewal of any provisional licenses. Moreover a mandatory special permit was introduced for applications, this permit would only be issued if the applicant with a provisional license would continue or further in pedagogic studies.

Almost 4 years after the Ministry of Education is still trying to have qualified individuals with pedagogic background to abide by the educational act. According to Corozal District Centre Manager, Jahmor Lopez, teachers with provisional licenses may have a degree in a certain subject but lack the philosophy of child behavior and assessment.

JahmorJahmor lopez – Corozal District Education Manager

“As a ministry we are trying out our utmost  best to ensure that teachers are in compliance with the education act and rules and the education rules clearly stipulates that if a teacher is in possession of a provisional license means that the license was given to the teacher based on certain criteria but they do not meet the criteria to be in possession of a full license so you study let’s say tourism management and you have an Associate Degree and you believe you want to be a teacher, you provide all your documentation and we give you a provisional license because you dn’t have the training to be a teacher you lack to as what we call the pedagogy in terms of having the philosophy and sociology of learning of children, you have to be cognizant in terms of the development of that child and how children learn in general and then understanding how you assess a child, how you plan for a child, how you deliver for a child, how you manage your classroom, all those things are taught to you when you want to aspire to become a teacher.”

Teachers with Provisional License are advised that they could no longer be eligible to continue teaching, unless they are in the process of getting a degree in pedagogy.

Jahmor lopez – Corozal District Education Manager

“And so this time around we say you know what if you got a license back then and it is going to the five year, is going to expire let’s say this June then you are no longer be eligible to be in the classroom unless you are in the process of getting the requisite pedagogy so we have our teachers who are enrolled in the EU UB project to become fully trained whether at the pre-school level or at the primary level, and they had to submit an application for what is referred to as a special permit, we had to sign on a Statutory Instrument so that this can become law and so in your case let’s say that you still have your Associate Degree in Tourism and you want to continue teaching you would then fill out the form to get the special  permit and we had a whole campaign where we said fill it in and then those were processed and if you met the criteria for us to give you consideration to remain in the classroom for an additional year or two years you get a certificate which is a Special permit.”

Teachers who submitted an application for a Provisional License in the Corozal District are recommended to look into their case since a number of applicants were denied their applications. Teachers whose application has been denied have ten days to appeal the denial depending on the date of rejection.

Jahmor lopez – Corozal District Education Manager

“We said to those teachers who submitted their application; your letters are here if you are told your application was denied you have ten days to submit an appeal unfortunately those ten days will expire the 3rd of June this Friday and again no fault of mine I sent correspondence to all principals and I said those letters are here kindly tell your teachers to come and pick them up, so if they get their letters saying you know what you did not qualify at least they have Thursday and they have Friday and again I will send out another correspondence if they need to submit an appeal because they have to put it into writing and it must be addressed to a particular individual so I’ll be sending that out as well.”

Lopez reminds teachers it is urgent for them to look into their case since this school year concludes this month, and the new school year resumes in the month of August.

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