JavitoOver the weekend, Village Council Elections were held in forty three villages from across the country with a total of three hundred one vacant seats. Of these available seats, there were forty three posts for chairpersons and two hundred fifty eight seats for councillors. Here in the Orange Walk District, elections were held in five villages namely, Santa Cruz, San Antonio, Tower Hill, Trinidad and San Lazaro.

In the villages of Trinidad, Tower Hill and San Antonio, the United Democratic Party won all seats while in the village of San Lazaro, a split council was elected in which the People’s United Party won the post of chairperson along with two posts for councillors while the UDP won the remaining four seats. In the village of Santa Cruz, the UDP acquired majority of the seats while the PUP managed to attain only one.

As for the Corozal District unconfirmed reports are the PUP won full councils in San Joaquin and Ranchito, both considered party strongholds, and split the council in their favour in Calcutta.

The Village Council Elections is scheduled to continue on Sunday June 12th with a total of forty villages countrywide.

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