There seems to be tension within the ruling United Democratic Party, and it all seems to have brewed up after the convention to elect a new deputy party leader between those Ministers who support Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber and those who do not. Caught up somewhere in there is Natural Resources Minister Godwin Hulse. It seems the unelected minister has come under attack by his fellow Cabinet Ministers as unofficial reports last week were that the 11 Ministers who do not support Faber wanted Hulse gone. And although several cabinet members denied those allegations Hulse yesterday felt the need to defend his position, stating that he has reassured his stance in the party with PM Barrow and other cabinet members.

Screen_Shot_2016-06-08_at_8.16.54_PMHonorable Godwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“Quite frankly heard it on Love FM much to my consternation a bit that in fact there was this move to unseat me and so my first reaction is to go see the Prime Minister to see where I stand and of course he is hundred percent fully, fully, fully in support of my position with no intention to make any change but while we don’t give secrets out of Cabinet I would say that today I undertook to raise the matter just to my own piece of mind that of my department because there is a lot of rumors running around and so just to people know that in the Cabinet today I raise the matter to get clearance from my Cabinet colleagues and to a man absolutely to a man, absolutely  nobody objected and the Prime Minister reiterated that for the foreseeable future as long as we are there the status cu remains where I am concerned and I continue to work with colleagues, I continue to work with the general public I am happy to say that since the time I was appointed and since January that I began to deal with instruments to date I have issue one thousand four hundred and fourteen instruments and that is a combination of leases, transfers and certificates all sorts of things and in some of those cases you find five and six times and so if you do the math you’ll see that I’ve signed over five thousand times and we continue to do this but there are some criteria that I have established that will never change and that is that Belizeans who get parcels of land it must be done with dignity and integrity we are not going to continuance fraud in the ministry I am going to make sure that when Rene Trujillo applies the person who get that piece of land is her and not somebody using somebody name I am totally against people making a real estate out of social rape lands.”

Minister Hulse also added that he has made is clear to PM Barrow and his colleagues that his position in the Ministry Natural Resources is to do it with dignity, honesty and integrity. 

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