The Primary School Examination, (PSE) was taken by thousands of standard six students back in March and May of this year. The results of the PSE are traditionally released early in the month of June by the Ministry of Education as students anxiously await to hear how they performed.

Over the past week or so there has been a lot of talk indicating that the results of the PSE are somehow delayed, today CTV3 news spoke to District Education Officer for Orange Walk, Karla Alvarez, who clarified the situation, assuring that the results are not in any way late, they are simply not yet ready.


Screen_Shot_2016-06-08_at_8.09.06_PMKarla Alvarez – District Education Manager, Orange Walk

“What was put out on social media but I want to caution people to not to pay much attention to what is put on social media, the ministry of education has not made a formal statement as yet and I know that the results will soon come out so I wouldn’t way that the results are delayed just that when you talk about delay it is because there was a set date line and the date line was not met right, so no dateline has been given but we expect the results later this week or next week the latest.”

The results are expected to be released on Friday of this week or early next week.

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