The Belize Junior Achievement Test (BJAT) is an examination intended for all students in sixth grade, or as we know it…standard three. The BJAT bears minimal consequences for the students taking it as the purpose of the examination is to test the caliber of teaching at each primary institution at the end of the school year. This exam is not offered simultaneously like the PSE but it is administered to each school at its own individual pace and yesterday the process of administering this exam started throughout the country of Belize.

Screen_Shot_2016-06-08_at_8.09.06_PMKarla Alvarez – District Education Manager, Orange Walk

“Yesterday we started with the administration of the BJAT in Orange Walk district and the same thing is happening throughout the country, the BJAT is a high stakes exam similar to the PSE there are some school or there are some people that don’t give it that much importance from many schools they use the results of the BJAT to determine where their children are at the end of Standard III it is called the Belize Junior Achievement Exam and it is to assess what they have been able to complete by the end of Standard III.”

Unlike previous years where each institution is tasked with administering the examination to their students, this is the second year where the education center in each district is facilitating the exam.

Karla Alvarez – District Education Manager, Orange Walk

“This is the second year that we are been doing it a little bit different, in the beginning we use to have the teachers that minister the exams at the schools but now it is the district center that is in charge of doing that so we are taking about a day and a half to do that with all schools, I have sent out a schedule to all school so that they are able to see ahead of time when they will be able to take the BJAT ad I want to ask parents that when you know that your school is going to sit the BJAT that you send your children a little bit earlier because they need to settle in to get prepared for the exam, they need to have their HB #2 pencils, a special kind of pencil that they need to use and at most school because they have been doing mock BJAT now it is not a big deal because they have had practice in doing this.”

After the results of this examination are returned the principal of each school is asked to conduct an analysis of the results to determine areas that need improvement at the institution.

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