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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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As mentioned before this year the top PSE performers from the Corozal District were from Mary Hill RC School. They are Yasser Charaf ranking 13th and Rohan Ake ranking 15th countrywide. The school also had 5 students in the top 10 at a district level. Of course Charaf was one of them who came 1st with 383 points while Ake came 2nd with 380 points and ranking 3rd was Pedro Kukul with a total of 374 points. Today CTV3 news also spoke to the students as they prepared for graduation. Here is what they told us about their latest achievement.


“I studied a little and my parents, my teachers and especially the Lord helped me to get throughout the PSE and accomplish this achievement and I feel very excited and proud because I’ve been working hard and always like dreamt of being up here and nothing is impossible you can always accomplish whatever you want as long as you try.”


“I was very proud and excited to hear that I was second in the district and I studied and practiced very hard every day I guess and we had the Saturday classes, Christmas classes and Easter classes which it turned out to be very good at the end.  For me the hardest was Social Studies and English my easiest subjects they were quite difficult for me but I still manage to get them. I would advise my fellow colleagues to keep studying and make Belize a better country.”



“I feel proud and excited, I took a lot of practices and my teachers helped me a lot, also my parents helped me a lot, I aimed and I tried my best and I know I’ve could have done better and now I am applying for CJC which I believe it is the best in academics.”

According to Standard six teacher, Guillermo Pech Junior, the three students are very devoted and committed to their school work and that is what made them excel in the PSE.

Screen_Shot_2016-06-13_at_5.41.24_PMGuilermo Pech Jr. Teacher StdVI Mary Hill

“I think that the three of them are dedicated students, they have been giving their all throughout the year, they have been working hand in hand with us in the evening classes and the extra classes that we have been doing but overall, holistically they have been doing very good student and it is not only during the drilling part we did a lot of concept attainment subjects theories and concepts that we give to them and they implemented it at the end of the exam; a lot of group work and a lot of collaborative work happened throughout the year so it is not only dealing with only PSE but a lot of concepts was given to them so that they could be physical thinkers and they can learn to be problem solvers and to be inquisitive on what they want to know so I guess that is why they excel and not only them again but holistically the entire class did well.”

Every year Mary Hill has a student topping the PSE country wide and while it has not been easy at the all the hard work bears fruits.

Herminia Escalante

“We have always done well and we so we continue to do well, we have been doing well nationally the entire school body from the Standard VI class they have been performing very well for the past PSE’s .  They are very exceptional students and we have more students that are like them but you know during an exam many things can happen they can get nervous so we were expecting more students to be at the top.  Standard V teachers work together with Standard VI students and I know they are going to get the assistance of the teacher’s resources if they work hand in hand.  I would like to advise parents to begin early we do not wait for Standard VI but to help your children from Infant I we need those children to go in those different classes knowing how to read so I would like to ask parents to help students at home, we teachers do our work share here but we want the support of the parents at home.”

Out of Mary Hill’s top ten PSE participants 5 managed to remain in the Districts’ top ten list.

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