Screen_Shot_2016-06-20_at_8.04.18_PMJust a couple of hours after the news broke about the fatal traffic accident which claimed the life of Sergio Mendez better known as DJ Che, DJs from the Orange Walk community assembled at the Phillip Alvarez Park in the Union Town area with the objective of painting a mural in order to pay tribute to their fallen collogue.

Today when we visited the area, we caught up with a few of Mendez’s close personal friends who told us about the initiative.

Lucio Alcoser Jr

“The idea was from a K-Fed that he came up with and doing a mural for DJ-Che and then he contacted me and as well Elvis the artist and I as well spoke to the other DJ’s and we thought that the best place to do this mural would be the Phillip Alvarez Park which is the closest where DJ-Che grew up his neighborhood and as well close to his family, his mom and his dad’s house so we thought out of respect that we should do it here at the Phillip Alvarez Park so then we contacted the Mayor.”

As the family and friends of Mendez prepare to lay him to rest, they remember him as a jovial and modest and kind-hearted individual.

Lucio Alcoser Jr

“DJ Che was someone that loved music, biggest aim in life was to bring smile and happiness to people and he did that through music, he saw everyone as one and everybody trying to work together.”

Jesse Cal

“We were close as brothers and never only the music had we attached, Che was loving and caring and always to giving a helping hand to anybody as long as he could he would, I just hope and everybody know that his family needs from all of us because he was the bread winner so we all have to come together and do something about this.”

Mendez will be laid to rest on Thursday June 23rd, 2016.

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