Screen_Shot_2016-06-21_at_7.49.01_PMTonight a family from the Village of Calcutta Corozal strongly believe that the image of the Virgin Mary appeared on a cutting board belonging to the family. According to the husband and wife who wished to appear off camera, this is not the first time they witness the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Nine years ago the Virgin visited them but they did not make much of it.


“Actually I was getting ready for lunch and I was preparing food and my husband came and he moved the cutting board and he saw it and he showed me and it was there, I don’t know, make people can see and let them judge and I don’t know.”


“Has something like this happened before?”


“Yeah, this is the second time, the first time it happened on my plantain tree, it was colorful but I didn’t pay mind to it, I just saw it and just leave it there so this is the second time and it is just more than obvious and we are not Catholic, let the people judge and see, I don’t know.”

The husband believes that this second apparition is a message calling of unity.


“I believe the sign is showing something to us, I grew up catholic and I know about something about the Virgin and since it has appeared in our house the second time, I believe it is showing us something an d I believe that we must take heal for the apparition, I don’t have much of an idea what it would mean but maybe it is a miracle that it is manifesting and showing that people need to change their way of life so that we can be a better country, let the people judge and let them decide if it is really an apparition of the Virgin Mary or if it is not.”

On December 3rd 2015 residents of Xaibe Village also in Corozal claimed that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared on a plantain tree located in the yard of a devoted Catholic.

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