Alma_HernandezGloria Alvarez, a naturalized Belizean taxi driver residing here in Orange Walk Town is lucky to be alive tonight after she was assaulted on Friday night by two individuals. According to official police reports, Alvarez was chartered by a well-known friend by the name of Alma Hernandez who was accompanied by a male individual of East Indian descent.

Reports suggest that Hernandez asked Alvarez to take them to Yo Creek Village and whilst on their way there, Alvarez was ordered to stop the vehicle somewhere on the Yo Creek road where Hernandez’s partner pulled out a screw driver and placed it on Alvarez’s neck. She was then ordered to give up her car keys and was told that if she didn’t follow instructions, she would be killed.

Alvarez reportedly began struggling with both individuals and managed to open the door in order to escape from the vehicle and grabbed a machete that she had near the driver’s seat. At the same time, the male person excited the back door of the car and proceeded towards Alvarez in an attempt to stab her with the screwdriver. Alvarez however, managed to inflict a chop wound on the right side her attacker’s face and one to his right hand, amputating the tip of his middle finger.

Rocks were then hurled at Alvarez and as a result, she received a cut wound to the head along with several bruises and abrasions on her body. Both individuals then fled from the scene. After authorities arrived in the area, Alvarez was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment where she received a total of seven stitches on the head.

Police have arrested and charged Alma Solangel Hernandez, a Belizean domestic of 66 Princess Diana Street, Orange Walk for robbery. Her partner who is presently under police guard at the NRH while receiving treatment for the wounds that were inflicted upon him is also expected to be charged.

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