Screen_Shot_2016-06-29_at_8.11.44_PMA report coming from the Mexican media is that a fumigation fee will allegedly be charged to any vehicle entering the Corozal Free Zone.

According to the report on Noticias canal diez, the implementation of such fee, which is being implemented by the ‘Organismo Regional de Sanidad Agropecuaria Mexico’ (OIRSA), would categorically liquidate the already dying economy that is being generated in the free zone and also negatively affect vendors and taxi operators that are stationed at ‘Subteniente Lopez’ for its connectivity with the tax haven.

It was also noted that the implementation of the high fee is expected to have repercussions with the people that will be affected, and they are expected to hold demonstrations to manifest their discontent over the situation.

Today we contacted Fermin Blanco who is the representative of OIRSA in Belize, and he assured us that there is no official announcement, to his knowledge, that has been made or released that the fumigation area will become operational, at least not anytime soon. Blanco added that OIRSA and the Government of Belize have recently began working together and will be lobbying towards establishing a timeframe as to when this area will become functional, as it will require a large amount of finance to have water and electricity within the area.

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