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Exactly two years and one day have passed since the body of seventy one year old Ramon Cervantes Sr. was discovered in a shallow grave on a farm located in the Indian hill area, some 5 miles on the Honey Camp Road, and the family is still unable to get closure as there are several unanswered questions surrounding Cervantes’ kidnapping and brutal murder.

Today the Cervantes family issued a press release where they pose nine questions which according to them have gone unanswered. One of those questions is: Why was the police officer, whose handcuffs was used to bound Cervantes’ hands, reinstated after just receiving a small fine and minor disciplinary actions and why was the top ranking police official who was called out by the ring leader of the gang that killed Cervantes, given a big promotion just weeks after the murder? Today we spoke to Cervantes Jr. who told us why the family remains suspicious about the way the investigation into the death of their loved one was conducted.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-06_at_8.21.02_PMRamon Cervantes JR.

“The Press Release was prompted by two things, I don’t know if it is just coincidence but a few days ago we learnt that police officer Javier Alvarez who was the custodian of the handcuffs that tied the wrist of my father when I found him in his grave, we understand that he was reinstated and given back his job at the Belmopan Police Station when I did some investigation and some research and apparently it is true and that coupled with the fact that frankly we haven’t seen any progress been made especially the fact that we were told by the police that they would be searching for Manuel through Interpol and getting in touch with the Mexican Counterparts and that was all a lie.”

According to Cervantes Jr., the family remains in the dark as it relates to the investigation carried out against Alvarez after it was confirmed that his police issued handcuffs were used to bind the hands of Ramon Cervantes Sr. The family is of the opinion that the punishment imposed on Alvarez was too lenient as he was simply charged with prejudice to Good Order and Discipline, and was consequently fined $200.

Reporter Carmelita Perez – Ctv3 News

“You are discontented at the same time that Mr. Alvarez allegedly according to a newspaper was given back his job but this time he was sent to Belmopan, do you believe that just with the mere fact that the handcuffs assigned to him by the police department were found on your dad’s body that a stiffer fine or even a stiffer punishment should have been placed upon him?”

Ramon Cervantes JR.

“From what we know Mr. Alvarez wasn’t even, that gentleman wasn’t even detained, it was from the police that we traced the handcuffs to him but then we didn’t hear anything else that he was arrested or that he was interrogated we didn’t hear anything else although we pressed and we didn’t get anything.  In November when they issued a release that they stated that the Ramon Cervantes’s case was close and apart from those three and Manuel there was no one else that police are looking for, they also mentioned that sometime in September Mr. Alvarez was given some disciplinary charges and was fined two hundred dollars until then in November is when they took out that information and it happened in September.”

And then there is the question as to why haven’t Belizean authorities approached their Mexican counterparts, to work together for the capture of Manuel Castillo, the fugitive ring leader of the gang believed to have perpetuated Cervantes’ death, since it is believed that he is hiding in Mexican territory.

Reporter Carmelita Perez – Ctv3 News

“So up until now, you have been given no verification if Orange Walk police or the police department ever did contacted the Mexican authorities?”

Ramon Cervantes JR.

“Right, all that we have is the word from certain high officials in the police that they would do such contact with their Mexican counterparts and we have the investigation by Por Esto investigation that denied that.”

In order to obtain closure the Cervantes family is asking the Belize Police Department to respond the many unanswered questions that have haunted the family since the death of Cervantes Senior.

Ramon Cervantes JR.

“I would like for them to come clean if you have seen this Press Release I think there are some nine questions that I put out and I think they should come out and answer these questions because of the facts, let’s remember all these questions are based on facts, but these facts are not explained why certain facts are there and why certain events occurred there is no explanation and whilst there is no explanation it leaves a vacuum to believe that everything of this was tied to someone involvement in my father’s murder.”

Today when we contacted the Orange Walk police department we were informed by second in command, Inspector Nicholas Palomo, that Belizean authorities have been closely working with Mexican Police on the capture of Manuel “ el pelon’ Castillo since it is believed that he might be hiding in that country but have received no new information on the case.

As it pertains to the case of Police Constable Alvarez, we were told that the Orange Walk police was made aware of his reinstatement about a month ago however, they were unable to offer any specific information relating to his case.

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