At the top of the newscast we told you about the upgrading of ten streets currently being carried out by the Orange Walk Town Council. It is a project that will see one million dollars of tax payers’ money being invested. But as the town grows there is the need for more infrastructural work and that is where the projected Municipal bond will come in use.

mayorKevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“We did the first discussions with the financing people at the end of the day we would want to find a down payment to get the first phase going but we are contemplating that still and it is still there and we still have it as part of our budget to try and get that and I know the Central Area Rep is still behind us working along with us to try and see how we could get or lobby for that and I am pretty sure that once we have that prospectus in hand we then can go to government and say look we have a prospectus and we have a bond that we want to raise whether it is five million whether it is three million whether it is two million we don’t know what would be the opportunity of what we would be able to do at the end of the day we have identified a source of funding, a source of arrangement that we can address at least these ten major streets and I forget to mention that in early January, February or March next year we should also see the resealing of Bakers and Main Street, that is another two streets that needs to be done in order for us to maintain those areas we would definitely want to see the centre of our town fully improved we have done the Central park area thought the BMDP project and so there is connecting points that needs to be address.”

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