Screen_Shot_2016-07-07_at_7.46.55_PMThe 2016 CODICADER (Central American Council of Sports & Recreation) Games kicked off yesterday here in Belize for the first time since the inception of the Primary School based games. The tournament includes disciplines in Basketball, Football, Table tennis and volleyball and includes primary school children from Central American countries including Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize. According to member of the technical commission for CODICADER, Alfonso Bando, although the games center on different sports, the main objective of the tournament is to cultivate teamwork, sportsmanship, peace and greater relationship with athletes from other Central American countries.

Alfonso Bando- Technical commission- CODICADER

“Esto es un evento no solo de competición porque está implícita sino también de participación de solidaridad de integración entre las naciones y aquí lo que les pedimos a los niños es que disfruten que ellos vinieron aquí a liderarse a demonstrar ese talento que pueden tener algunos en el aspecto deportivo como en el aspecto personal también que puedan conocer la ciudad de integrarse tantas cosas bonitas que se le puede pedir a los niños.”

According to Bando, while it is the first time that Belize is hosting such an event, the CODICADER is very pleased and impressed with the level of professionalism and comradery shown by the sports commission of Belize.

Alfonso Bando- Technical commission- CODICADER

“Nosotros somos claros de que Belice es la primera vez de que organiza un evento de estos y para ser la primera vez la verdad que la organización esta excelente, en relación al evento propiamente acá en Orange Walk igual desde el día en que venimos a la inspección técnica en la reunión de jefes de misión no encontramos de que el proceso de organización está muy adelantado y bueno ayer lo confirmamos con todo en lo que se realizó en el aeropuerto con los traslados e los diferentes hoteles y también con la parte técnica anoche realizamos el congració técnico con todos los entrenadores y creo que fue un congreso muy bien dirigido con un gran sentido de colaboración.”

The different competitions are being held across the country simultaneously in, San Ignacio, Orange walk Belmopan and Belize City. This morning the mini-volleyball tournament started here in Orange Walk with teams from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize taking the court in both male and female categories.

The female team representing Belize played their first game today against team Nicaragua and emerged victorious in a more than remarkable game. According to their couch Kelsie Balderamos, the Belizean girls came out confident as they have been preparing arduously for this competition.

Kelsie Baqlderamos- Couch

“I feel really well I mean we come out here with the intention to win and we accomplish that so I make me feel really proud of whom they played they played exactly like I expected and I think we came out on top.”


“In terms of preparation, how long or what was the preparation like for this?”

Kelsie Baqlderamos- Couch

“Specifically for me volleyball we started like two months ago but these girls they practice all year round maybe six on six and they come to the gym every day to practice. We are hoping to win all, we are expecting to win all, we’ve trained hard for it and I think we can come out with the gold.”

We also caught up with two of the young players that represent team Belize, who were elated to have won their first game in the CODICADER games.

Jada Smith- Team Belize

“It feels amazing I mean we’ve been practicing so hard.”

Norma Ruiz -  CTV3 Reporter

“Talk to us about how you guys prepared for this game today?”

Gareth Bruce- Team Belize

“We prepared really hard, they teach us what we need to learn, how to pass and many other things so that we can face hard teams.”

The Belize male team also won against Nicaragua in their first game today. The volleyball competition continues at the Orange Walk multipurpose complex until Sunday July 10, 2016, where an official closing ceremony for the CODICADER games will take place.

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