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Some weeks ago there were a number of reports about Belizeans that were victims of robbery at the shopping malls and hotels located in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico. The series of robberies included the cloning of credit cards in the different stores as well as the stealing of cash and personal belongings in the mall’s parking lot.

Since those incidents were reported an advisory was sent out to Belizeans by the Belizean consulate in Quintana Roo to be cautious when traveling to neighboring Chetumal and the number of incidents seemed to reduce to a minimum. But apparently the criminals are on the loose once more and their prey are Belizeans.

Orange Walk resident Samantha Carlos visited Chetumal over the weekend but returned home with a sour taste in her mouth as her vehicle was burglarized while parked at Plaza de Las Americas. Today when we spoke to Carlos she told us more about her ordeal.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-11_at_5.26.43_PMSamantha Carlos- Victim of robbery

“We parked in front of Liverpool in the mall areas and then we went inside and it was after the movie about 6:30 when we got out we realize that there were people standing by the truck and the mall security was taking care of the vehicle for some buy he said as the owner and so we had to produce papers for the mall security that it is our vehicle and so they realized that so they made a mistake because apparently there was a police already on the scene at about half an hour before we came out of the movie and the police saw the guy inside the vehicle, the person apparently told the police that he had to go home to get his keys but I mean that is ridiculous if the glass was shattered on the ground outside you know it was clear demonstration that someone had broken into the vehicle so anyway the police just left and the guy left as well too in pursue of his key and it was not until we produce the papers that then they realized that something had happened so they called the police again only to find out that the first incident was not reported and I don’t understand why and the second police that came they said and well they saw the papers and they realized that the vehicle is ours and then they asked the same question why didn’t the other officer asked the person inside to produce the papers, I mean we had a Belizean license plate what would a Mexican be doing in a Belizean vehicle but the experience was not quite terrifying but it was sad to see that we the Belizean people go across there to help grow their economy we help spending our money and this is the way we are being treated because now the second set of officers came and they showed me no remorse it was like okay there is nothing that can be done and so it is best that you do a report on Monday they told me but why you need to process the scene aren’t you going to take finger prints he says no, no, no we no need to do that you just need to come and make a report on Monday and that is ridiculous where is the justice for us I mean as tourist how bad does that look on them not us.”

And to add insult to injury the reaction of Mexican authorities provided no real assistance.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-11_at_5.27.54_PMSamantha Carlos- Victim of robbery

“One of them was standing with a big green on his face and the other one said well there is nothing much that he can do, he said that we need to lodge the report and then they will review some C4 cameras but he says that it is practically a loss I mean he gave me no positive feedback any at all and then they drove away but my question to the first officers is didn’t you see something suspicious, it is clear than water, that I don’t understand the vehicle is broken and you cannot see that so I believe that they were involved in that mischief making in breaking into my vehicle because that is the only explanation that then why nobody was apprehended or why you believe a such ridiculous story.


Ms.Norma Ruiz – Reporter CTV3News

“Did you manage to make a formal report with the Mexican authority?”

Samantha Carlos- Victim of robbery

“No, I asked the Mexican authority to please escort me to the police station so that I can make a complain the Mexican police told me that he cannot take me if I want I can take four block down and take a right and then take a left and then I will see some building and how will you give me direction in an unknown area, I mean I am not from Chetumal I asked him nicely to please escort me he said he can’t.”

According to the victim, apart from stealing her personal belongings the robber also stole her sense of peace and security as she no longer wants to visit Chetumal and advices all Belizeans to be vigilant when visiting the Mexican state.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-11_at_5.26.52_PMSamantha Carlos- Victim of robbery

“We had a Pioneer Stereo the face that you can take it off well that is gone and well the stereo is destroyed as you can see the dash board is ripped off and we had a table there that was lost too and well that is all what we can see for now no but other than that breaking into somebody when something is yours they violate you can’t even explain to you how it feels to be violated that way so you know I think they took more away from me than just material things. I am not going back to Chetumal in a  hurry I mean I only went for recreation I only went to watch a movie so they are not going to see me for a while and I would like to advice all the Belizeans to take precaution out there because people are watching us we don’t see them but they are looking at us and we have to be very vigilant because what if I was in the vehicle I mean who could tell what if they had harassed me physically because I know of some people who were attacked while in Chetumal so I believe that awareness needs to get out there that Belizeans need to be on their toes if not don’t cross the border any at all.”

Stolen from inside the vehicle were several electronic items amounting to a value of approximately one thousand five hundred dollars.

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