pupAs we told you earlier in our newscast, the final round of the Village Council Elections was held yesterday throughout the country of Belize and here in Orange Walk four villages including Indian Church, San Carlos, San Estevan and San Felipe participated in the finishing round.

According to official results, a total of seven chairpersons were newly elected along with twenty four councilors. The People’s united Party was victorious in the villages of Indian Church and San Carlos where they managed to occupy all seven seats in their favor. In the village of San Felipe, the PUP won four seats including that of the chairman while the United Democratic Party managed to obtain a total of three seats and finally in the village of San Estevan, the UDP took all seven seats as the PUP did not put up a slate.


Late this evening the People’s United Party issued a release which indicates the total amount of wins that were obtained by all three parties and included in the list are the four villages mentioned above. According to the release, of all the one hundred eighty five villages, the PUP emerged as victorious in a total of 75 village’s countrywide which amounted to about 40.60%. The UDP won in 92 villages with a total of 49.70%, while the Independent Party managed to obtain a total of eighteen seats landing with a 9.70%.

The UDP also released their figures which indicates that out of the 1,330 vacant seats of which 190 were for chairpersons and 1,140 were for councilors, the UDP won 114 chairman seats; the PUP recorded sixty three seats while the Independent party remained with thirteen seats.

As it pertains to the amount of seats for the councilors, the figures indicate that the UDP recorded 689 seats, the PUP managed to conquer a total of 390 seats and lastly, sixty one seats were occupied by the Independent Party. So in total, according to the UDP, they won a total of 803 seats, the PUP remained with 453 seats and the Independent Party won seventy four seats.

In a release issued late this evening the PUP expressed their gratitude for all members who participated in this round of the 2016 Village Council Elections and stated that, and we quote “Even though the United Democratic Party abused its authority by utilizing government resources during the elections, the PUP won over 40% of the villages. This is a significant improvement from the 26% three years ago and coming just eight months after the general elections”. End of quote.

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