policeThe Belize Police Department today released its comparative statistics for January to June 2015/2016 and the report indicates that the overall crime rate through the first half of 2016 has seen an increase from the previous year.

Murders are up by one, with a total of 74 people losing their lives as a result of violence.

April and June are the months with the most murders recorded this year, April witnessing 16 homicides. Last year April recorded 18 murders.

In relation to other major crimes, rapes saw a decrease this year reducing from 19 logged last year to 10 this year.  As it relates to unlawful sexual intercourse, the incidents have gone up this half year by 10 from 41 to 51.

Robberies and thefts saw a decrease compared to the same period last year however, burglaries went up by 64.

Overall, major crimes have gone up by 50 these first six months compared to the same time last year.

As it relates to ARRESTS: the record is poor not much different from last year. For murders, there have been only 24 arrests for the 74 violent incidents. Last year, for the 73 murders recorded, there were 36 arrests.

Overall, for those 1071 major crimes there have only been one hundred ninety arrests.

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