Yesterday we told you about the trip taken to the Sarstoon by members of social media group called “Belice es de Guatemala”. The trip was taken by 7 Guatemalans on Saturday and as we reported in yesterday’s newscast the Guatemalan expedition claimed to have circled the island venturing well into Belizean territory, bearing Guatemalan flags and Guatemalan maps including Belize as part of their territory. And according to what was posted on their social media page, the trip went without any interference and the expeditioners claim they will return as inclement weather prevented them from docking on the island. Today Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, spoke on the trip taken by the Guatemalan delegation over the weekend saying that he is not at all surprised.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-12_at_6.45.13_PMHonorable Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I heard about it, somebody told me about it yesterday or the day before but it is not surprising to me as I’ve said to most Belizeans, as I’ve said publicly over and over, Guatemalan have been claiming the entire country since 1939, it is nothing new, Sarstoon situation is nothing new it is just that some Belizeans seems to have found out about it rarely recently a year or two ago and they have sought to make a big hazy of it but I grow up with dealing with this issue as I told you I was in fact arrested and charged for opposing Guatemala’s claim to our country that is in 1968 so it is nothing new, I am fully aware of it and have been opposing it since the early 60’s and will continue to do that and will do that until I die because this country belongs to us.”


“Isn’t this particular situation sort of prove positive of why the government of Guatemala maybe very careful on the diplomatic stage where it says one thing and on the ground maybe doing something different because it does not want to lose the support of this extreme Guatemalan electorate?”

Honorable Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I don’t think the electorate is extreme just like here in Belize they have extremist but they are now only the minority, I think that that is the case here as well as over there I don’t think they are bothered by the people will go there except that those people can be violent and is one of the main reason why I was suggesting that we be careful, that was the only reason.”

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