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Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_8.01.22_PMThe death of forty seven year old Llewellyn Lucas, a pastor of Dangriga in the Stann Creek District, has left the entire nation in a state of shock and disbelief due to the gruesome manner in which he was murdered in the country’s capital.

Reports indicate that sometime around 1:00 on Friday afternoon, Lucas was taken to a farm located on mile 31 on the George Price Highway owned by forty six year old Guyanese national, William Alexander Mason where he was reportedly stabbed numerous times and then decapitated.

While the perpetrators might have thought that they would get away with the crime easily, what they did not know is that Mason was under police scrutiny for approximately two months in connection with a kidnapping.

Mason, who was located in the city of Belmopan at about 8:30 on the night of Lucas’ murder, was stopped by authorities where a search was conducted in the back of his black Ford F150 pickup truck. What police found sent shock waves across the nation…..the head of Pastor Lucas in a black bucket inside a sack.

During a press conference this morning in Belize City, the Ministry of National Security revealed details of the case.

Russell Blackett – Acting Commissioner of Police

“When a search was conducted this is when we uncovered in a sack within a black color bucket the head of Mr. Lucas, the forensic was called in, the place was cornered off and an intensive search continued within the area for other evidential value on that scene where this head was found, I must tell you that when the investigator arrived Mr. Mason explained that he could not find his key and he was very nervous hence the reason his driver side window glass was broken, search conducted, during the course of the investigation we uncovered that four other persons were also involved and by 4am Saturday morning all persons were taken into custody, an intensive search at his farm situated at mile 31 in the George Price Highway and his home on Interlco Hill in Belmopan was search simultaneously for any evidence we could find, but what I want the nation to understand very clearly, is that he was been sought for the purpose of an investigation, you will see while at this time they have been charge for one count of murder, one count of kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnapping, there will be other charges flowing through the week and other investigations that had been carried out.”

The four other individuals detained along with Mason are Ernest Castillo, Keron Fernandez, Ashton Vanegas and Terrence Fernandez who were all arrested and charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping.

But while the five men are presently in police custody, a motive behind this horrendous murder is yet to be ascertained.


Russell Blackett – Acting Commissioner of Police

“So far we understand that there were some transactions been going between these people and it appears there was a fall out, we are still trying to uncover the final analysis of this before we put it forward to the public but I must assure you that whenever this is done you will know the conclusive result. We are still trying to uncover what is in their mind, you know criminal minds and going in deeper into their head is something else what we see basically is this guy might have wrong them in some way and this is why the extent of what occurred occur but as I said we are still investigating and as soon as we uncover this the public will know.”

And just like there is not motive……there is also no murder weapon as yet.

Russell Blackett – Acting Commissioner of Police

“The investigation continues at his farm at this moment where we are trying to locate the murder weapon, a knife, that is in a twelve feet deep pool, we had asked the National Fire Service to assist us with it but the tools could not bring up the mock so we are asking another entity to assist us with a vacuum type truck and presently that is ongoing.  We are also continuing investigating and interviewing other persons as we speak at this time and I must tell you that whilst we have one count of kidnapping we are looking at a flow of other possible offences that have been committed he have been tracked, he is a person of concern for us an this is the end result.”

Apart from Lucas’ decapitated head police also found a 9mm pistol containing five live rounds of ammunition, a magazine containing four 9mm live rounds, and a pump action shot gun along with a pouch containing 8 live cartridges of ammunition which belonged to Mason in his vehicle.

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