As the nation recovers from the sensational killing of Llewellyn Lucas the million dollar question is who is William Mason? What we can tell you is that numerous investigations have revealed that he is notorious for scamming a number of individuals in various countries across the world using different identities.

Mason has been living in Belize for approximately three years and records show that he obtained a birth certificate which indicates that he is of Belizean nationality and was born in the village of Crooked Tree which of course, has raised many questions.

During the press conference held earlier today, the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse indicated he had absolutely no knowledge about how Mason obtained the birth certificate but it wouldn’t have been that difficult.

hulseGodwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“Vital Statistics document and that triggered and now we do not have any control of Vital Statistics, we have put in some serious measures to deal with the Nationality aspect but if you show up with a birth certificate and a Social Security card picture on the Social Security card looks good remember births certificate have no picture so I don’t know who that is, has no finger print, you don’t know who that is and is one of the loses documents you can ever imagine, it goes back in the days we had confidence in the nation and nobody lied, not any more so getting a Vital Statistic document seems to be very easy and of course I saw a picture of him a while a go for the first time and I don’t know the man he could be any other Belizean so if you show up with a document like that and a birth certificate and a Social security Card with your picture and of course if there is somebody prepared to sign the passport application form that says they knew you form A and form B then you good to go.”

Godwin Hulse – Minister of Natural Resources

“Is what we call private sector there are about four different positions and the form B is what we call the public sector, now the ministry and the department relies on the good will of the public first it was only the justice of the peace that everybody say you could pay but when you got now to the new system for passports and I am assuming which I hate to do that he fell under the new system and not the old system because if it was the old system it was only a justice of the peace that case is closed we know what could happen there but under the new system and we would hope that the form B person who is a public sector person and that has something to lose when we look for the investigation of the document hopefully we can find it that in fact nobody there in that form B signed saying they knew him  XXX and this is him etcetera, now one also has to be careful because when people sign that they will say oh I have known Jules Vasquez for the past year and when they say they have known Jules Vasquez year someone could be here one or two years and they do know you for the past year and nothing to say that they didn’t know you so those are the ways these things happen, trust me, the ministry has been looking in great depth on how we can get onto of these things, it is a political system we are in if it was up to Godwin Hulse I will tell you we could put some system you could never penetrate but the public will go ballistic.”

According to Hulse the matter is under investigation.

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