At the heels of Pastor lucas’ death, information coming out is huge and some even indicate that Guyanese national, William Mason who also goes by the name of Rajesh Ouelet had built connections with high ranking cabinet ministers here in Belize including Minister of National Security, John Saldivar. Today Saldivar admitted that he had indeed met Mason, who assisted him with sponsorship for his football club last year but otherwise he has no affiliations with the accused murderer.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_8.02.06_PMHonorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“If you asking the question if I know Mr. Mason obviously he was a resident of Belmopan, a businessman and in terms of my direct involvement with him at some point last year he had made some contributions to my football club, the Bandits, but that is the extent of it I have not heard or seen Mr. Mason since September last year, we do not at this time have any friendship.”

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