Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_8.01.49_PMIn keeping with their campaign manifesto to work for the progress of the community, today the newly elected members of the Chan Pine Ridge Village council launched their first summer computer course with the participation of more than 30 children from the village. According to PUP councilor, German Tzul, the course is geared at providing participant with an early start in the field of technology.

German Tzul- Councilor

“First of all let me highlight that this is the first time that an initiative like this is being undertaken by the village council and we feel very good about it because from day one we promised all the people that we will be taking advantage of all the resources that we have in the village and I believe this is one of the major steps that we are taking in taking advantage of the computer lab.  In this time and era as we all know technology plays a very, very vital role in many things; in communication, in education and I believe this is one of the areas that we are focusing now in terms of education because many of our students need to be prepared with technology, how to manipulate a computer, it is sad to know that many of four leaders, church leaders, political leaders, many of our educators do not know how to manipulate a computer and I believe that by teaching our students the basics, that is the first step we need to undertake is vital.”

The program, which will run for two weeks, is primarily targeting primary school students and the focus will be to instill fundamental information that will benefit the children in the longer run.

German Tzul- Councilor

“We are targeting students who are eight years and above to twelve years old and our main objective in this computer course, this two weeks, I repeat it is a basic introduction to computer applications and what we are aiming to achieve is that students know the basics, many students would know what a computer is, they would identify some of the different parts of the computer but when it comes to the actual manipulation of the programs, the applications they are a little bit weak so we believe that a little introduction on that and reinforcement to that because we intend to reinforce and to add continuity to this program so that is our main objective; to educate them, to prepare them, to equip them with the basic and thereafter we move on with more in depth applications of the computer itself.”

Although the program provides only the fundamentals of information technology, the hope of the village council is to create further courses that will serve as a continuation of this beginner’s course.

German Tzul- Councilor

“It is merely an introduction to the application of computer; we are going to be doing at the end of the two week students will be able to name the parts of the computer, to differentiate between the different functions of the different parts of the computer, students will be able to manipulate the computers as a whole and they will be able to manipulate the programs like for example very, very important would be Microsoft Word and the other programs in Microsoft Office, student will have the very basic knowledge to operate a computer and I believe that is the first step for us as a village council to assist these students and the parents as an extension.”

As part of their mandate the new village council is also working on providing free internet access in the community’s information technology center as well as free printing for the children of the village.

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