pup_flagThe People’s United Party today issued a release regarding the gruesome murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, demanding that a full and thorough investigation be launched into the case.

According to the release, the gruesome discovery of the head of Pastor Lucas in the possession of politically affiliated, William Mason and four others has exposed major weaknesses in several critical government departments and an incestuous relationship between Mr. Mason, Minister of National Security John Saldivar, other Ministers of Government, UDP politicians, and several members of the Belize Police Department.

The PUP is calling for a thorough investigation to be conducted and several questions surrounding this case to be answered by police officials including: how this foreign-born individual with a questionable past obtained a Belizean birth certificate, and multiple gun licenses, and why an investigation was never initiated when two Mennonite persons were allegedly kidnapped and extorted of hundreds of thousand dollars by Mason two months ago and how this alleged criminal could have been hired by the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) to conduct training on their behalf.

The PUP is also of the belief that if the Police had carried out their mandate properly and investigated and arrested Mason after allegations of kidnapping were brought up against him, Pastor Lucas would probably have been alive today.

Furthermore, the PUP is recommending that an international investigator be hired immediately to investigate Pastor Lucas’horrific death, stating Quote “This case may require the Police to question and possibly investigate sitting Cabinet Ministers for context, something they have proven unable to do in the not so distant past, AKA the Penner Passport Scandal and the Edmond Castro visa scandal. The Belizean People lack confidence in the Government to ensure that a proper and impartial investigation is conducted when senior members of their government may be implicated.” End quote

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