Three weeks ago the Orange Walk Town council embarked in the rehabilitation project for the upgrade a total of ten heavily trafficked streets across town.  Today we caught up with Deputy Mayor for Orange Walk, Ian Cal, who spoke to us about the progress already underway.

ianIan Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“Currently we have prepared the streets, we have sealed the streets with primer so we just waiting on some final touches to be made with some other streets and then the contractor will come in and get those streets paved, we wanted to do one today but we were not sure of the weather how it would stand so we postpone it but I am seeing that by the end of this week we should see about three other streets paved and then we are moving on to the other streets that we have on the list of ten that we have signed with the contractor. We want these streets to be done properly, we want these streets to last so we are targeting at least three streets to be prepared first then we go in and pave those then we move on to the next three streets that is how we are working it but it all depends on how fast we ca move and how fast BWS can get their work done as well because it doesn’t make any sense for us to pave the streets then BWS comes in and tears it to change pipe so we want for them to go in first and change the pipes but it is a process and that takes about six weeks actually but those streets are set and it will get done and all we ask is for patience.”

The general public is advised to take precaution when traversing in the areas that are currently under construction which include streets like Bethias lane, Orchid Drive, San Andres Street, and San Francisco Street, among others.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“I would like to ask the residents that as well while passing through those streets that have received their primer to be careful on those streets as well because as you know it have it compaction and the primer is there to protect the base of the street but we don’t want anybody there to skid on the street or to drive fast on the street to damage the base so to be cautious of those areas and as well to be patient while driving around town because as you know WASA is already working on Cinderella Street and that street will also be paved, then we have Progress Street to move on then we have Santa Ana Street that is right around the corner here to be work on as well so a lot of work is being put on our town and again thanking the residents for paying their taxes and continue paying their taxes and much more work will be done in our town.”

Orange Walkenos are being asked to be patient with the works being carried out as the upgrading of streets will benefit the entire town.

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