Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_8.01.16_PMThe recent, gruesome murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, has undoubtedly left the Belizean people in a state of shock and disbelief, as for many it represents a shift for the worse in the state of crime and violence in our country.

And like many Belizeans, the Belize Progressive Party - BPP is not happy about the circumstances surrounding the death of Pastor Lucas.

Yesterday the party issued a release in reference to the tragic death of Lucas and the actions surrounding the investigation of his horrific death.

Firstly, the BPP extended condolences to the Lucas family on their loss and commended the officers of the Police Department who, through their attentiveness, were able to apprehend the person who is believed to have been perpetuated in this heinous crime making reference to William Mason.

The BPP then expressed their hopefulness for a fair and thorough investigation to be carried out by the Belize Police Department without prejudice, highlighting their belief that the murder of Pastor Lucas came about as a result of the existing atmosphere of: lawlessness, the lack of citizen security and minimal concern for sustainable human development which surrounds our country.

The BPP attributes this latest and most atrocious act to the poor justice system that plagues our country, stating Quote “Belize is at a crossroads, where the Rule of Law has been neglected for far too long and it is time for each person to be held accountable for his/her actions.  It is in this spirit that we pray for not only the family of Pastor Lew, but also the broader Belizean family, so that this tragedy can in some fashion mark a turning point in our society toward, ensuring greater answerability, across the board, thus resulting in a safer nation” end quote.

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