While it is left to be seen if BSCFA’s demands will be met, primarily the one made for the estimated average price for the second payment to be revised, there are those who are already siding with the association.

According to Orange Walk South’s Area Representative, Jose Abelardo Mai, who is also a cane farmer, says farmers should not absorb not one cent of the loss revenue since the commercial agreement stipulates that the moment the cane is weighed and ticketed at the factory scales it belongs to BSI.

joseHonorable Jose Abelardo Mai – Area Representative Orange Walk South

“I don’t agree with that, first and foremost the molasses had already been processed in tanks it is there responsibility, we signed an agreement with them that once that sugar cane reaches the scale it belongs to BSI, it is their responsibility, they have to pay me for it. Secondly, right I am certain there is an insurance, when the vessels, or the barges sink in the sea with sugar in it, it is insured so we recover that amount of monies which is lost and thirdly is that the farmers cannot afford anymore loses. ASR annual cost of local handling is about 15 million dollars even more or the same as Ocean freight, to that is already an exorbitant, over exaggerated cost, they need to first lower that cost as much as they can and they need to pay me my molasses it is in their hands that got loss, that is the question you asking me.”

Apart from the BSCFA none of the other two associations have made public their thoughts on the situation at hand. Unconfirmed reports are though, that the Corozal Cane Producers Association is not in agreement with the sharing of loss revenue.   

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