Screen_Shot_2016-07-21_at_7.55.12_PMOn Monday we told you about the selection process for the under seventeen football tournament that is being carried out by the Orange Walk football federation in collaboration with the Orange Walk national football team. The Orange Walk selection is being trained to play in a national tournament where football teams from across the country will face off in hope of being drafted by the FFB to represent the country in a football match that will take place in November in Costa Rica. Today we visited the training camp where Alvaro Marin, member of the new Orange Walk football federation spoke to us about the progress of the players since the beginning of their training.

Alvaro Marin- OW football association

“We are selecting players for the U17 Orange Walk selection, we are going to take part in a tournament which will take place next month, August 5, 6 and 7th in Belmopan and right now we are in the process of selecting players for a U17 Orange Walk selection, for this Saturday we are going to be having a friendly game against the Club Leon from Chetumal in U15 and U17.”

As part of the preparation process the Orange Walk team will be visiting Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico over the weekend to take part in a friendly match against club Leon of Chetumal. But in order to make it to their scheduled game the team is in need of financial assistance, and are asking the Orange Walk business community for support.


Alvaro Marin- OW football association

“We have a lot of expense with water, with hydrating drink, a little passage money for the player to and from their communities, we have expenses for medication; say vitamins, say injections, say rubbing compounds and so forth and so we have a lot of expense and we would like to reach out through this media to the Orange Walk business community that anything that they would like to wish to donate that they can contribute towards this U17 they are most welcome; it could be finance, it could be equipment, footballs, sporting equipment, if there is a pharmacy that would like to adopt us it would be more than goo because we need medications such as vitamins, injections, rubbing compounds and so forth so we are reaching to the Orange Walk community if they could assist this U17 and U15 selections.”

Anyone interested in assisting the team can contact the President of the Orange Walk football association at phone number 671-8902.

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