A week has gone by since the gruesome discovery of the decapitated head of well-known pastor Llewellyn Lucas, which sent a shockwave throughout the country of Belize. Since then a number of high ranking officials have been in the hot seat about their involvement with the person believed to be responsible for Pastor Luca’s death, including Minister of National Security, Honorable John Saldivar, who has had to answer a lot of questions in relation to Guyanese born Rajesh Oullet also known as William Mason. Despite all the questioning, Saldivar had not shared the story of how he met the con-man or who introduced him and when he was asked today, he didn’t seem to remember much details:

Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_8.12.41_PMHonorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“The red flags came up once the information was provided to me and as I said before no there weren’t any red flags before then this man even if you googled his name would not have found anything on the name that he provided to us it was until someone provided us with another name that he may have been using that we were able to find the information and I said it before and I repeated as soon as I found that information which were allegations at the time I still disassociated myself from him.”


“How did you first come in contact with him?”

Honorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“I can’t recall but, I don’t recall exactly how but I think it must have been through football.”


“Do you remember what year and month more or less that would have been?”

Honorable John Saldivar – Minister of National Security

“It is not important to the case at hand, I have already admitted that I knew the man, I met the man, he contributed to my team, that is as far as it goes there is no other thing that you can draw from it and this is the point that I keep making; the fact that I and other ministers knew this fellow cannot be taken to mean that we have been a part of any conspiracy that we have been a part of any murder or any kidnapping, it just happens that we knew the gentleman.”

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