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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Screen_Shot_2016-07-27_at_8.06.44_PMThe peace and tranquillity of the Altamira area located in the Corozal District was disrupted last night after two masked men forcibly entered the home of well-known Corozaleño and current UDP councillor, Guillermo Arana, in an attempt to rob money from him.

Our news team visited the Arana family in Corozal earlier this morning where we were informed that at the time of the incident, Arana was at home in the company of his wife and four minors who were all witnesses to the horrific scene. Reports indicate that a struggle ensued between Arana and one of his attackers, however, both men were armed and as a result, Arana received two gunshot wounds, one to the right hand and the other to the abdomen.

Roger Arana – Brother

“Last night around nine o’clock my mother received a call from my little brother that they had shot my older brother, I went to his house and we found out that there were two persons with masks that came to his house and apparently there were only my niece and my nephew and two other kids that were visiting them and they heard the gun men that were armed approaching the door and they pointed the gun at my nephew and they asked that they open the door and well my nephew didn’t wanted to open the door so they tried to open the door and they found out a little crack on the door where they can push the gun and they did so and they point the gun at my niece and she got frightened that they were telling her if she didn’t open the door that they will shoot her and so she opened the door and as they came in they asked if your father is at home and she answered yes and they went to the room where my brother was and apparently they were asking for money and I think he tried to grab the firearm from the robber and that is when the other guy apparently shot him.”

Dennis Arnold – Officer in Command, Corozal Police Station

“Initial police investigation revealed that whilst Arana and his family were at home, two male person entered the home and apparently one of them went into the room and was asking or Mr. Arana and when he went into the room a struggle ensued with both person had firearms with them and when Mr. Arana was struggling with the male person the other one that was outside in the hall heard the struggling and went inside and that is where Mr. Arana got shot one I think it is one the right hand and the abdomen.”

According to the Officer in Command of the Corozal Police Station, Superintendent Dennis Arnold, authorities have detained two suspects in connection with this latest incident, nevertheless, due to lack of evidence at this point in time; both men will eventually be released.

Dennis Arnold – Officer in Command, Corozal Police Station

“We had detained two persons but the two persons who went into the home had their shirt over their face so obviously the witnesses could not identify them properly but we pick up two person and their story checked out and so we are still investigation but obviously they had to release so the matter is still under investigation.”

And while the investigation is still on-going, the Arana family and police believe that the key motive behind the incident was robbery.

Roger Arana – Brother

“I don’t think there will other motive other than robbery, I now my brother and I know him and a lot of people know him and actually he is a councillor and I haven’t known anything of him having to do with any kind of malice or argument with other people that would want to go to kill him.”

Arana is presently recovering from his injuries at the Northern Regional Hospital here in Orange Walk where he is currently listed in a stable condition.

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