Screen_Shot_2016-07-27_at_8.07.36_PMWill Shyne Barrow, the son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and a former inmate and rapper who was named music Ambassador of Belize, become a candidate for the next Prime Minister of Belize? We know that Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow, has decided to be a politician and wants to run in the Mesopotamia constituency in the next general elections but in a report on Jamaican news…“Bossip” speaks of Shyne’s intention to run for Prime Minister of Belize. Shyne was in Montego Bay for a Reggae Summer Fest, when he told the Jamaican news outlet Quote, “I’m going to be in Parliament in Belize very soon. I’m going to be leading my nation and contributing to my nation with all the capacity that I have. My father is the right honorable prime minster, and he’s retiring and I’m succeeding him and my uncle. So I can continue in the legacy of my father and serve the people.” End quote.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow will complete his last term as leader of the UDP in 2020 after which a convention will be held to elect a new party leader, a position which has more than one has contender, including Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber.

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