noimageEach year during the month of August, the Ministry of Education hosts a number of workshops designed especially for educators from across the country with the objective of offering them the opportunity to complete their Continuous Professional Development hours that are required to be accomplished within a span of five years.

The two week session kicked off this morning country wide and here in the Orange Walk Town it was held at the Louisiana Government School. The workshop, which is divided into three categories, saw the participation of teachers from all the different schools within the Orange Walk District.

Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Education Centre, Orange Walk

“We have these workshop open  for teachers who have full license and they need to accumulate 120 CPD hours within a five year period so there must be workshops for them to develop themselves professionally, so we plan this two week period of different workshops, these workshops are based on our needs and most of them are based on our needs as a district but we also have some mandatory workshops on programs that the ministry of education would have ongoing, we have two types of workshops here; the ones that we are organizing as a district or the ones that are mandatory by the ministry of education, this week we will be having ten rooms open for workshops and next week we are going to have thirteen rooms open for workshops they are different sessions, some are for three days and some are two days and some are for four days. We have only one for high schools because the high schools teacher goes to the city for the national and they meet as English teachers, Math teachers and so on so we don’t have many high school teachers this week but next week we will have them with us.”

Under the mandatory workshop category, educators are required to engage in a number of programs including School Improvement Planning aimed at developing strategies that will be implemented during the new school year.


Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Education Centre, Orange Walk

“In this four day workshop we are actually starting a process, a five year cycle process, where schools are involved in school improvement planning, they will organize themselves and come up with strategies that they will do when school reopens so they need to collect their data and do lots of reflection, lots of work together as a school community and they will developing a school improvement plan that they will implement somewhere in the coming up this school year we also have the Math and the Science curriculum that will be implemented in all schools nationwide, so in order to support teachers in terms of strategies and taking them in an overview of the new and strengthened curriculum we have problem based learning which is one approach which is promoted by the math curriculum so we have teachers involved in that workshop and we also have experiential learning which is one in science and they might be going outdoors and you will see them around because those are strategies that experiential learning call for so basically teachers are involved in different workshops that will help them to come up with strategies that they can use in the classroom.”

Luckily for the department, there is no need to hire facilitators from abroad to conduct the workshop sessions since our local educators have taken the initiative to spearhead all sessions.

Lisa Carballo – Coordinator, Education Centre, Orange Walk

“Everybody has important roles to be taken and it is amazing when you are behind the scenes on how much effort or how much work needs to be put in place to ensure that these sessions are provided I must also commend the facilitators because in the different rooms we have facilitators that are teachers of our very own, they are the ones who ensure that the content is provided we think about what is it that needs to be provided, teachers tell us we need problem base but at the end of the day the facilitators are the ones who impart that, the share their experiences so over the years we haven’t had to bring in any foreigner or any teachers from outside we are using our very own teachers as facilitators so that is wonderful and teachers receive it very well.”

The workshop is expected to conclude on August 12th, 2016.

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