Screen_Shot_2016-08-08_at_7.41.35_PMA few weeks ago we reported that Melissa Ferguson, known to be the common-law wife of William Danny Mason, the man who is said to have orchestrated the decapitation of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, was being sought by authorities after reports indicated that she was last seen leaving along with her luggage from Mason’s Outback Ranch on Tuesday July 19th. This was only four days after Pastor Lue’s head was discovered in the back of Mason’s F-150 pickup truck.

The surveillance footage believed to be in the hands of police which allegedly shows the manner in which Lucas was brutally murdered, also reveals that Ferguson was at the scene where the horrendous act was committed hence the reason she was heavily pursued by authorities for weeks.

Tonight we can tell you that Ferguson turned herself in to Belmopan police earlier today in the company of her attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley. Reports say that Ferguson spent hours at the police station where she recorded an extensive statement. Reports also suggest that Ferguson was present at the home in Intelco Hill on the day that Canadian Lloyd Thiessen along with his wife were allegedly abducted by Mason.

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