corozal_policeCorozal Police are tonight in search of thieves who stole a large cattle worth almost two thousand dollars from a small farm in the Village of San Narciso.

According to Arturo Rene Chan, owner of the stolen bull, he noticed that the animal was missing from their small farm on Saturday morning at about 6:30 when he went to feed the animals. Chan then followed the animal’s tracks for about 25 minutes to a small clearing in the village of Santa Clara where he believes the animal was killed as he discovered a large amount of blood and the collar they had put on the bull along with the animal’s internal organs.

According to the family this is the second time that robbers enter their property and make away with the family’s cattle as two months ago two calves were stolen from the farm.

The Family is asking the public for information that might lead to the discovery of the persons responsible for the disappearance of this animal as they believe the thieves may have sold the meat in a nearby village.

Anyone with information is kindly asked to contact the Corozal police station.

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