An excursion that will be taking place over the weekend will challenge Belizean immigration laws at the Santa Elena border, which requires all Belizeans to have their passport stamped upon leaving and entering the country.  Orange Walk residents Geovanni De la Fuente and Rene Cuello, are of the conviction that Belizeans should be able to move through Belizean borders without having to get their passport stamped when leaving and entering the country. Today both men visited our morning show, Despierta Belice and explained the rationale behind their standpoint.


Geovanni De la Fuente

“I find it strange when going to this area where you find the Casinos, not the Free Zone, but the the Casinos, I find it strange that the Immigration authorities at the Santa Elena Border that they insist that you have to stamp, now I don’t understand the rational or the reason for wanting a Belizean to stamp his passport when you are going to the Casino area, the casino area is not located in Mexico and it is not located in the Free Zone and so I join with my friend here and one of his first priority is to establish t the Belizean people, the public at large and I know it affects a lot of people going to the Casino area so one of the first things he has endeavored to do is to establish to the Belizean people that as Belizeans when you are visiting the Casino area you are not leaving Belize therefore you do not need to stamp your passport, as we spoke before the three fundamental rights; freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of movement so I believe that as long as I am not leaving the country of Belize I don’t need to stamp my passport so I don’t understand why the Immigration Authorities at the Santa Elena Border are insisting that you stamp your passport when you are going to the casino, every day and every morning and I don’t have anything against the Mexicans, the Mexicans I believe that the Mexican government has treated Belize nicely and I don’t have anything against the Mexicans but every morning two or three hundred Mexicans come across to the casino.”

To prove their point, the men are planning an excursion to the Santa Elena Border over the weekend. During this trip the idea is to cross the northern border without having one’s passport stamped.

Geovanni De la Fuente

“We are embarking on an expedition to go to the casino and we will not be stamping our passports and so we are today to invite the general public, if you have been affected, if you are interested, Mr. Cuello will leave his telephone number and if you are interested on being a part of this group that will be visiting the casino shortly and will not be stamping the passports please feel free to call Mr. Cuello and we will link up and we will be going to the casino. What we are here today to tell the people here today is that an expedition is coming up shortly, we will not be leaving Belize and so we have no intention of handing in a passport and requesting permission to leave because we are not leaving Belize, we are going to the casino area which is located in Belize and so what we are doing we are testing the system because through previous conversation we have been informed that you need to stamp to go to the casino so we are officially be testing the system to see if this is true and if this is true in effect Belizeans are being barred from travelling their own country.”

The trip will be taking place this Saturday, August 13th, 2016 at 1:00pm. Anyone interested in joining the group on their excursion are asked to contact Rene Cuello at phone number 670-6074 for further information.

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