Screen_Shot_2016-08-09_at_7.48.27_PMAfter an entire weekend of fun-filled activities that took place at the People’s Stadium as part of the annual Fiestarama event, the official financial report for this year has been calculated and released by the Orange Walk Town Council. The report shows that after all expenditures were covered, the total profit amounted to nineteen thousand five hundred sixty one dollars and seventy five cents.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“This year despite of the weather and the turn out I terms of the businesses that participated, we had lesser businesses participation we still were able to generate a descent profit for this weekend event and you would know as well that this year we only had a two day event even though the grounds were open from Friday we only had the gates collected and we only had it on Saturday and Sunday, so I am happy to report to the residents of Orange Walk and those who had attended the Fiesta-Rama, I want to say thank you and this year’s profit yielded $19,561.75 that is the combination form all the collections we made throughout the month in terms of bar rentals, booths sales, donations that we got, the gate sales which was always the main revenue source and of course the marble games and the mechanical rides and so base on that we were able to pay the expenses which includes police and salaries because as you know we had to pay employees overtime, we had to pay workers that worked on the ground over the weekend a stipend and these things add up when we are talking about everybody that has to work from traffic, operations, sanitation crew and it incurs money and so it is a part of the even activities, all the activities that took place I mean sporting activities, the greasy pole competition all these carry its own little cost and it forms part of our report but in the end we were able to yield a profit which we feel is descent enough to report for this year.”

According to Mayor Kevin Bernard, the money generated this year will be invested in infrastructure particularly the continuous upgrading of streets across town.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“Each year we used to put most of the funding toward summer programs unfortunately this we decided that we are not going that route we feel that the residence demand more in terms of infrastructure improvement in our town and since we have embarked on a long term infrastructure program we feel that it is important that we channel these monies directly to infrastructure so we should be looking at some other streets in the East for example Liberty Avenue that we would want to enhance, there is a section of Liberty Avenue that needs to be improved, there is St. Peter’s Street that also needs to be looked at, there is other streets like Rio Bravo and Sarstoon Street that we need to look at and I am calling out these streets but nineteen thousand can’t fix all of these streets lets be real these will just assist us to cure materials like tar and which is the most costly and then the council will carry out the work in a timely manner which will end up costing us far more but at the end of the day we feel that improving our infrastructure in our town is the most priority right now for this council.”

And of course, the event would not have been a success without the assistance and input of the Orange Walk Community.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“I want say here publicly to thank those bands, especially the Rock Bands, I think it is Wonder less, and Surpassing Silence who went out there and performed free of cost to the public, they found their sponsors w simply provide the availability of a sound system for them an so that cut down our cost drastically and then of course our usual sponsor Caribbean Rum who offered Techno Band to the public and they covered all that cost, that was not a cost to us at the council, and I must give thanks to all those people who participated at this year’s Fiesta Rama; all the vendors that were out there, I know they benefitted, the food vendors out there, I know most of them sold all their products and I know that the bar did very well, because I haven’t spoken to Mr. Novelo but I know he did very well he was the only main bar there even though there were other bars like, the sugar city riders club who were also doing a fund raising event to assist with the financing and apart from my operations manager who assisted I also want to single out two individual from staff that went above and beyond their call of duty, I think our receptionist, Kendra Anderson did extremely well in terms of putting together and organizing this Fiesta Rama event and of course I also want to offer my appreciation to German Novelo who worked very hard in being on the ground and putting together the program, making sure that all the activities were on target and so those two individuals along with like I said our operations manager who has always been there to ensure that the people are on the ground and have done extremely well from our view and went beyond their duty to ensure that we have had a successful Fiesta Rama.”

Mayor Bernard also extends a heartfelt thank you to other sponsors including Bowen & Bowen, Caribbean Rum and Smart.

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