At the top of the newscast we told you about the Fiestarama 2016 Financial Report and how this year’s profits has been earmarked for the upgrading of streets. That leaves no finance for the council’s annual Youth Summer Program.

But the Mayor of Orange Walk is not giving up so easy and has sent a letter to the Ministry of Education requesting for assistance to carry out the program. However, the council is yet to receive a response.

kevinKevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town Council

“I must tell you that while I would have loved to carry out this summer program, I think that we need to get that support from our ministry and from the government, we have written the minister of education through the ministry of education that, last year he was able to assist us with five thousand dollars and we were hoping that this year we would have gotten it but am still hoping that maybe through this medium he would listen and hear that we are making that plea to him, I’ve sent him emails and I tried to contact him through phone calls and text and there has been no reply since, I know he is now the Deputy Prime Minister and maybe much more of a busy individual but I am hoping that they look at it and the country has recently gone through a very devastating hurricane and so I know there are other priorities but if we can still get that support definitely we would want to push it.”

As mentioned by Mayor Bernard, if the assistance is offered by the Government the program will take place.

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