ruinThe first ever royal tomb site of Xunantunich and one of the largest of Belize was found by international Archaeologists working on the ancient Mayan city. The royal tomb was found by chance by the group of Archeologists excavating in the Maya temple. Inside were the remains of an adult male between 20 and 30 lying on his back believed to be an ancient ruler of the Mayan City.

According to a report in the Science magazine, “Business insider”, specialists that have viewed the ancient tomb believe that its discovery will shed light into the legendary 'snake dynasty'- a family that ruled the Maya empire some 1,300-years-ago, and used a snake-head emblem as their symbol.

Alongside the remains, the researchers found the bones of a jaguar and a deer, jade beads that might have been a necklace, 13 obsidian blades, and 36 ceramic vessels. In another area of the tomb, they also found two 'offering caches' that contained nine obsidian blades and 28 flint figurines that were carved into various symbols and animals.

According to the report, with the help of panels found in the tomb, the hope of researchers is to garner more information about the snake dynasty, and by piecing together the royal family's history, they might also shed new light on the fall of the entire Maya civilization.

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